1. RANT: Vlogger Jennifer Ross isn’t fan of Hollywood pretending Toronto and Vancouver are NYC or Chicago in film.

    You can’t fool me, big budget films. I know your fake New York City streets are in Toronto. Matthew Vaughn, I’m looking at you. Don’t think I didn’t see that Tim Horton’s in the background during Kick-Ass. This is why I love Scott Pilgrim and whatever project Jay Baruchel is up to these days — because I love seeing films set in Canada.

  2. We asked Jennifer McClelland, a.k.a. somoosetastic on YouTube, what it means to be Canadian. Check out what she has to say.

  3. To help us continue our talks of what it means to be a Canadian, here’s Dustin Alcorn, a.k.a. dustinatcarleton.

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  4. If you didn’t get it by now, CanCulture is a brand spanking new online magazine coming to you from Canada. With anything that concerns Canada and its culture, we constantly ask ourselves what it means to be Canadian.

    We asked vlogger Olivia Gissing, aka ItsLiv, what it means to her and what she loves about Canada.

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