1. Q&A with Deonte Osayande, Detroit-based slam poet

    CC: Tell about how your new poem, “Ghost of a Child” came about?

    DO: How that poem came to be, well the last requirement for my bachelor’s degree was for me to teach second graders for this previous semester. I saw and experienced so muc and I wanted to write about it but nothing I wrote satisfied me. One day, I’m on lunch break, and I’m taking a nap and one of my students walks in to ask me a question. I smell something and wake up to see my pupil standing there, with a dirty holed shirt on, late for school, asking me what they had missed. It stuck with me. So I went home after the school day ended and wrote that memory down. Then I wrote some of what I remembered when I was that age. I wanted to have an extra challenge other then to just write that story out, and I’m a fan of [sestinas] so I figured make this poem into one. That’s where it started from.

    Read the full Q&A HERE.

  2. MMMMM… FOOD… Was it as good as it looked? Read Andrew Nguyen’s review of Toronto’s Arriba restaurant at CanCulture.com to find out!

  3. CanCulture’s managing editor, Andrew Nguyen, tries out some good food at Frank located in the Art of Gallery of Ontario during Summerlicious.

    Lunch begins with a simple basket of bread, goat butter and sea salt presented in a clamshell. I opt for the entree of pea soup garnished with finely chopped mint, cream and served with a warm buttermilk chive biscuit. Served cold, the soup is light and refreshing especially with the scorching Toronto heat.

    The main is a pan seared, crispy skinned rainbow trout served on a bed of fingerling potatoes, green beans, cherry tomatoes, drizzled with an olive, anchovy vinaigrette.

    This dish exemplifies the food at Frank — full flavoured, simple, home-style cooking. The fish is bright pink and flaky, albeit a little big on the plate, but it’s the tangy and sweet vinaigrette that really brings everything together.

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