1. "Night It Up! Food Festival Attracts Thousands on 10th Anniversary" by Samantha Lui

     The pungent smell of food filled the air at the Night It Up! food festival and market. Not even the entrance was saved from the strong aroma of stinky tofu.

    Hordes of food lovers lined up around the cluster of white food tents to get a taste of exotic Asian food ranging from lamb and beef kebabs to oyster omelets and marinated seaweed.

    The two-day festival’s 10th anniversary kicked off on the sunny evening of July 15. Chris Yau, president of the Power Unit Youth Organization (PUYO), took the stage at the opening ceremonies to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the event.

    “Walk around the night market, go play at our booths, go eat some exotic foods like stinky tofu, and please make this night a night you will never forget!” she said.

    PUYO, a Toronto youth-driven non-profit group that promotes youth development and empowerment, started Night it Up! to raise money for beneficiaries such as the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care and Other Half, an initiative to encourage Chinese Canadians to take part in stem cell research.

    Read more at CanCulture.com. (Photo courtesy of Ronnie Yip)

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