1. Twitter thrusts Toronto Rapper Honey Cocaine into the spotlight by Cassie Aylward (photo provided)

    When an 18-year-old Sochitta Sal met up with a famous rapper whose song she’d recently remixed online, the request he had for her came as a surprise.

    “I’m going on tour,” he said to her, as she described. “And you’re coming with me so get your ass a passport.”

    The now 19-year-old Sal, better known by her stage name, Honey Cocaine, is a Torontonian rapper who was approached by Tyga, member of Lil Wayne’s hugely successful Young Money label, after remixing his song “Rack City.” Her fans used Twitter to send the song to him, and once he took notice, he tweeted her to get in touch.

    “I was like, ‘That’s actually him. He has a blue checkmark, it’s actually him,’” she says.

    That September, she left for the United States to tour with Tyga while he opened for pop star Chris Brown, on the American leg of Brown’s F.A.M.E tour, performing with Tyga at smaller venue shows in between F.A.M.E.

    Honey said a particular moment during the second date of the F.A.M.E tour was the highlight of her rapping career so far.

    “I went backstage and watched Tyga on stage in front of thousands of people, that was the main highlight of everything that’s happened to me so far.  That’s when it really hit me,” she says. “That showed me exactly where I want to be.”

    She’s since been signed to Tyga’s Last Kings label, the first and so far only artist he’s signed, and released a slew of tracks, perhaps most notably being featured on Tyga’s song “Heisman” (both parts one and two).

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