1. Q&A with Deonte Osayande, Detroit-based slam poet

    CC: Tell about how your new poem, “Ghost of a Child” came about?

    DO: How that poem came to be, well the last requirement for my bachelor’s degree was for me to teach second graders for this previous semester. I saw and experienced so muc and I wanted to write about it but nothing I wrote satisfied me. One day, I’m on lunch break, and I’m taking a nap and one of my students walks in to ask me a question. I smell something and wake up to see my pupil standing there, with a dirty holed shirt on, late for school, asking me what they had missed. It stuck with me. So I went home after the school day ended and wrote that memory down. Then I wrote some of what I remembered when I was that age. I wanted to have an extra challenge other then to just write that story out, and I’m a fan of [sestinas] so I figured make this poem into one. That’s where it started from.

    Read the full Q&A HERE.

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