1. "I just write books with my vision to draw a picture. I write books on maybe the same area, the same field, from my childhood to now. I have written 21 books and they are on the same level for me and they all talk about the same thing. My journey is something like that: my childhood in Petit Goâve to Port-au-Prince, in Montreal and Miami and other towns in America. I want to follow the places of my life. You know there was a big event in Haiti, the coming of the dictatorship of [Jean-Claude] Duvalier. After that, so many people were in exile. All of my books relate [to] the story of this exile, this voyage. It is my story but it is the story of so many people who had to leave their country and to go outside, and to women who have to live with their memories. And that is why I am talking about my childhood, or my adolescence under the dictator, or the death of my father and the return to Haiti in The Return.”

    - Author Dany Laferrière on his Giller Prize long-listed novel, The Return. Read contributor Joseph Webb’s Q&A with Laferrière HERE. (Photo courtesy of Alex Paillon)

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